Boxaball Precison Free Standing Reflex Punch Bag


Refine and develop astonishing speed, razor-sharp punching accuracy and pin-point striking with the Boxaball Precision reflex bag. Industrial steel tubular construction is fully adjustable and manufactured for everyone from professional boxers to people boxing for fitness in the gym and or training at home. The Boxaball Precision reflex bag is ideal for practising every punch and strike: jabs, power punches, hooks, uppercuts, angled punches, rapid combinations. As well as slipping, weaving and defensive drills. 

  • Freestanding, suitable for home or gyms
  • Robust frame with adjustable telescopic height adjustment (138cm-185cm)
  • Heavy-duty base filled with either dry sand/water
  • Durable high-density foam ball offers ideal resistance, with no inner bladders or air pump requirements
  • Free UK Mainland shipping

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